Raise tax-free income limit to Tk 500,000 – Demands civic body DBM

The Democratic Budget Movement (DBM) has called for raising the tax-free income limit to Tk 500,000 and reduction of VAT on fertiliser, fuel and consumables.

The DBM made the call at a dialogue on Saturday so that the budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 does not put any additional burden on the common people and increase income inequality.

The civil society organisation held the dialogue on ‘What can be done to prevent inflation, discrimination and wastage’.

General secretary of DBM Monowar Mostafa said common people were trying to cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war. But the increase in expenses compared to income was so much that they could not afford to live a normal life.

“On the other hand, the cost of almost all the projects has increased several times due to the inability to prevent the cost overrun of the projects undertaken by the government.” Taking this situation into consideration, he called for preparation of an austerity budget by declaring it an ‘economic emergency’.

Amanur Rahman, vice chairman of the organisation, said that in a democratic state, people should be given the opportunity to participate in decision-making.

Referring to the demand of labourers in the budget, DBM’s joint general secretary Sekender Ali Mina said the government took an initiative to introduce a pension system for all. But in order to ensure the participation of all in this system, adequate allocation should be made in the budget.

Source: The Financial Express

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