Our Company

Columbia Shares & Securities Ltd. (DSE TREC NO. 287) began its operations February of 2022 with the aim of becoming a top brokerage firm in Bangladesh by 2025.

CSSL wants to uniquely position itself in the market by employing modern trading technologies and through the provision of vital value-added services to its clientele.

CSSL and its services cater to all types of retail and institutional investors.

Resident and Non-Resident Bangladeshi's (NRB's) as well as Foreign Individuals residing in Bangladesh or abroad are welcome to contact us to learn how CSSL can make your money work for you.

Speak to one of our Relationship Managers today to understand how we can help you!

Company Values

CSSL strongly believes in doing the right thing - always. We will be your trusted financial advisors in your investment journey


CSSL is steadfast in its commitment to creating lasting client relationships through the means of sustainable growth of your wealth


CSSL pledges to provide you the highest quality of market data, research and insights available to provide you with the accurate financial advice


Md Saiful Hoque


Mohd Iramul Hoque

Managing Director & CEO